Preparing For Your Psychic Reading

You've taken a huge step and have chosen to have a psychic reading..., in order to have the all-around best experience and outcome, you will need a little preparation.  

Heres Yardleys suggestions for you:

  1. Write down your questions.
  2. Get Specific.  The more detailed the question, the more clear and specific your reading will be.
  3. Write all the questions you wish to ask, but the 2 most important questions should be at the top of your list.
  4. Remember, you are my focus.  Be clear on your questions and expect the best outcome possible.
  5. Keep an open mind & an open heart during your psychic reading
  6. Be open and accepting to questions that come through and feel thankful for your special time.
  7. Participate in the reading entirely.  Your energy is giving permission for me and your guides/loved ones to come through.
  8. Be sure there are no distractions and prepare your mind and body by:

  • a. putting all animals in another area where they won't bother you.  Also, be sure to eat a small meal and drink plenty of water to keep the mind and body replenished.  
  • Choose a quiet place.  
  • stay positive and be gentle with yourself
  • Afterwards, give yourself time to relax and take it in.

Questions? We have the answers for you!

 Some people have no clue as to what goes on during a psychic reading session. This is okay!  We have prepared a list of questions with answers to help you to understand a little bit more about the process and definitions for the different types of services provided.