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About Psychic Yardley

My True Spiritual Calling...


  • As far back as I remember, I’ve always been a highly spiritual person.  I believe that our universe guides us forward through our lives with the help of spirits as well as angels.
  • I am genuinely to help others through this vibrant gift. 
  • With true passion, and the unique ability of being able to connect with the outside world, I have an inner love of being able to help my clients, who have their own special universal current.
  • I focus to bring forth awareness & healing through love.  
  • I strive to teach others to open up through their own spiritual potential."

    -God Bless You!
    Psychic Yardley

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Life Is Very Unpredictable, Which Is Why I Am Available At All Hours.  I Prefer To Have You Call Me During Regular Business Hours, But If You Are Having A Major Crisis Then You Will Be Taken Care Of No Matter What The Hour Is.


What To Expect From Yardley

Regaining Your Confidence!

 You will feel more alive and awake most likely more than any other time in your life.  This is what I call a Psychic Rebirth.  You will also feel recharged and energized after your psychic reading with me. Go with it and enjoy the vibe! ask about my spiritual reader and advisor readings as well as psychic readings

All In All Fullfillent + Excitement

 This is something I never get tired of is making a client feel fullfilled and excited about facing their future after our meeting.  You will have the same confidence and outcome after our session is over with.  

Payments and Fees...

  You were wondering when this would come up...
I accept all kinds of payments prior to services rendered.  All transactions are final.  NO REFUNDS.  Please visit my appointment/fees page for rates and payment located below.
 I thank you for your service! 

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